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Pet Grooming for Dogs and Cats 🐕 🐈 VIPET Mobile

Professional (Certified and Official diplomas) Pet Grooming Services in All breed of Cat's and dog's / first Aid & CPR Services.VIPET provide professional and certified First Aid and Pet Groom & Care Services right at your home. Cat and Dog Spa, Windermere Florida.
Certificate of Training. Pet Mobile Grooming, Cat & Dog First Aid and CPR
Pet Groomers Pledge Code of Conduct
Florida Institute os Animal Arts Professional Pet Styling Program VIPet
Student Recognition Award, Florida Institute of Animal Arts

Pet Grooming Services

For Dogs and Cats
  • Blue berry facial
  • Shampoo & condition
  • Ears cleaning and plugs
  • De shedding treatment
  • Nail clip or filing
  • Anal grand express
  • Hand dryer (no cage)
  • AKC stand cut

How is VIPet

We are a certified and trained staff with the mission to provide top quality service in the convenience of your driveway, reducing the stress level on your beloved pets. The line of ower product are earth friendly that also will give the right PH balance for your pet fur and skin.


We will arrive 1/2 hrs after or before of the scheduled time, because sometimes traffic can be unpredictable.

Matted Pets

Extremely matted coats may have the risk of cut or nick during the process of removing them (the professional groomer will inform of the pet condition and is on the client hand to approve to do the service). Also the heavy matted produces more moisture on the skin that may create fungus or skin grown. V.I.Pet will not take any responsability caused by poor care of the pet coat.

Windermere's Best Mobile Pet Groomers

Our groomers pride themselves on making sure all of our customers, furry and human, are happy and comfortable. Niether a Cat or a Dog pets are alike and we provide individually crafted treatments for every breed.

Pet Grooming Prices

Small Dogs.

$75 to 80

Median Dogs

$80 to 85

Large Dogs.

$90 to up


 All Sizes $85

Extremely matted pet will have a extra charge of $10

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